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Secured and accelerated with Cloudflare.

  • No account or domain needed
  • Get a URL immediately
  • Only 1 command required
# Install cloudflared on your machine (example for macOS)
~/ $ brew install cloudflare/cloudflare/cloudflared

# Launch your web server.

# Start a free tunnel
~/ $ cloudflared tunnel
You will be given your own subdomain on

You’re a single command away from sharing your project with the Internet.

Starting today, any user, even those without a Cloudflare account, can connect their server to the Internet with Argo Tunnel for free.

Argo Tunnel lets you expose a server to the Internet without opening any ports. The service runs a lightweight process on your server that creates outbound tunnels to the Cloudflare network.

Argo Tunnel will create a new URL, known only to you, that will proxy traffic to your server.

Scaling illustration

Accessible to everyone

Free for everyone to use. No need to add a site to Cloudflare’s DNS. With just 1 command, connect your server to the Internet with Argo Tunnel.
Global network illustration

Fast and Secure

Accelerates origin traffic by 30% with Argo Smart Routing. Comes with the security of advanced DDoS attack protection.

Serverless illustration

Test and develop

Secure access to your internal apps. Share your web server with others on different networks. Test browser compatibility. Run speed tests from different regions.

Free tunnels are not intended for deploying production sites

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Why free?

We want more users to experience the speed and security of improvements of Argo Tunnel (and Argo Smart Routing). We hope you’ll test it with TryCloudflare and decide to add it to your production sites.

Service-level agreement (SLA) and up-time aren’t guaranteed. New features and improvements will be tested on these free tunnels.

Argo Tunnel
Take the next step

Argo Tunnel exposes applications running on your local web server, on any network with an Internet connection, without adding DNS records or configuring a firewall or router. It just works. When you’re ready, take the next step: sign up and add Argo Tunnel to your production sites.